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Beginning of December 2019 i got invited to shoot the Central Florida Police K9 Competition, held by the Oviedo Police Department and it was a blast to say the least.

K9 officers from all around Central Florida were competing through a parkour with their 4 legged officers and at the end of course some "bad guy" bites... :-)

This event is yearly and open to the public, so please come out next year and cheer on the officers while the are managing themselves and their dogs through the parcour.....




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4th of July Fireworks with Drone So i finally took the drone out again and of course, trying a difficult task ...LOL

Shooting fireworks at about 200ft in the air...

It seems so much easier watching all those videos from people who work with their drones on a daily basis, but after watching some tutorials, i took on the challenge, charged batteries, formatted SD card and was ready to fly my drone in almost pitch black conditions (freaking out), hoping i will not loose the drone...after trying to lift off in the backyard without any light, i  moved to the driveway to take off as there is a streetlight which made me just sweat half as much and the drone actually saved the " homepoint"  :-)


I am using my  DJI Mavic Pro  




  • ISO:1600
  • Shutter Speed: 1/50
  • WB: Auto
  • Color: Vivid


Yes of course, since the DJI Mavic does not have "infinity focus" some of the video came out blurry, due to being such low light it would not focus on any spot i selected... which is kinda a negative point for this amazing "toy"....


Music by LeAnn Rimes and Lee Greenwood




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2018 2018

is here

First and foremost we are wishing everybody a Happy New Year and all the best in 2018. !!


What will 2018 bring for us here at arnophotography?

We are not changing or going anywhere, we will continue to provide all our clients with the photography needs and images they are looking for. 

So for all your needs, if you want to book


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until then....










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Preserve your competition body The 2017 competition season is here. 

Are you planning to compete this year  and you know that most of the time Iphone selfies and backstage images are not doing  justice to the physique you worked so hard for?

Then why not book a fitness photoshoot with us?

You worked way too hard for this physique to not get high quality images !

Please contact us at with any questions you might have and check out our Rate section with more information about the shoot..

We are looking forward to providing you with the images you always wanted.



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2016 Olympia Weekend - Las Vegas, Sep 15-18


2016 Olympia Weekend is just around the corner and this year I will be working with and for FLEX South East Asia as their photographer to cover the entire weekend, from "Press Conference" to "Meet the Pros" to all the Events, and i am trying to update and upload as soon as possible, so please stay tuned and check in to this blog if you want....






2) Ryan Terry   /   1) Jeremy Buendia   /   3) Jeremy Potwin





2) Arash Rahbar   /   1) Danny Hester   /   3) Sadik Hadzovic




2) Angelica Teixeira   /   1) Courtney King   /   3) India Paulino



2) Candice Lewis Carter   /   1) Latorya Watts   /   3) Cydney Gillon



2) Danielle Reardon   /   1) Juliana Malacarne   /   3) Heather Grace




2) Tanji Johnson   /   1) Oksana Grishina   /   3) Regiane da Silva




2) Ahmad Ashkanani   /   1) Flex Lewis   /   3) Jose Raymond



2016 Mr. Olympia Score card

2) Shawn Rhoden   /   1) Phil Heath   /   3) Dexter Jackson

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Danielle "little Monstar" Reardon Back in 2012, after the NPC Southern States in Fort Lauderdale, where she competed in the Women's Physique Class and her boyfriend Ian in the Heavyweight Class..


this Orlando athlete contacted me for the first time for a photoshoot ....So we met up at "Inflicting Fitness Training Center" in Winter Springs for, what i believe, was her first gym shoot...and she was a couple weeks out from Nationals where she won her Class and got crowned IFBB PRO....

In early 2014, Dani contacted me to do another photoshoot... She was one week out from her second Pro Show in St. Louis where she ended up with the Second Place... so this time we met up at "Gold's Gym in Altamonte" and we created something that all of a sudden was spotted and viewed and posted thousands of times all over the internet....

In April 2014 Adam from "Prime Nutrition Orlando, 12226 Corporate Blvd, Orlando, 32817, Suite 118 - contacted me to get something going with his athletes, so we met up again at Gold's in Altamonte and here is the outcome....

In 2015 Dani won her first Pro show which qualified her for the "big" stage in Las Vegas and for the "OLYMPIA"...Two week prior her Olympia debut she contacted me and we met up at

"Power & Strenght Gym in Orlando -

for a Pre Olympia shoot...

some of these images she took to Las Vegas and used them to sign for her fans which makes us pretty proud...

The behind the scene video from this shoot, shot and edited by her boyfriend Ian, can be found on her Youtube channel


Recently she got invited to compete in the 2016 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio in March 2016 and you know it, we already set a date for a shoot prior to that show, so come back to this blog if you will after the 2016 Arnold and see what we came up with..... ;-)






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Trash the dress "Zombie-Style" May 2012, Lora and Mike got married in the Bahamas. Almost one year later Lora contacted me for a "trash the dress" shoot, and since both of them are really big Zombie fans ( I know Mike is), this is what they wanted... Trash the beautiful wedding dress.... "Zombie Style"...

Here is a quick preview of what happend in the woods today ( March 23, 2013)
























.... the END

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